What would you say if someone told you that a bill certification takes less than 10 days?
Would you say 'Not Possible!'? Think again, because we do it!

What if they told you that an entire package can be quantified in 7 days?
Wait before you say an instant 'No!' because we definitely do so!

  • We are a procedure driven, ISO-certified Company with standard procedures and formats. Regular audits by third-parties ensure that we are always on our toes and stick to procedures and timelines perfectly. We are currently handling about 43 projects in 5 states, and are a customer-centric organization that addresses their problems almost instantaneously. We are tech-savvy and even have an eBook compilation of all our standards. Our organization is well structured, with all employees working with clearly defined roles, thereby increasing our efficiency.

  • Every employee that joins The Quantity Survey Company is put through a rigorous month-long training program by the end of which they're equipped to handle any situation with confidence, courtesy the various hypothetical scenarios given to them during the training. This is followed-up by regular upskilling which makes each employee's work delightful and stress-free. Everyone's opinion is considered each time a decision is required, thereby providing employees with a sense of ownership and good work is always noticed and appreciated, at TQSC!

    Its all of this that makes The Quantity Survey Company a much-sought after company. Read on, to explore all that we do...

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    Our Projects

    Our footprint stretches to 43 projects across
    5 Cities with more in the pipeline

    Quants News

    The Company Newsletter was an initiative taken up by our enterprising employees with the aim to create a forum for
    sharing knowledge and bringing together the bright minds of the organization. Read on...


    The Open Page

    February 2016

    "Money is yours but resources belong to the society!"

    Once Ratan Tata and his colleagues went to Hamburg, Germany. When they arrived at Hamburg, they walked into the restaurant, and noticed that a lot of tables were empty. There was a table where a young couple was having their meal. There were only two dishes and two cans of beer on the table. They wondered if such simple meal could be romantic, and whether the girl will leave this stingy guy.

    Click on the button to read this entire story, shared by Siddalingappagoud Patil, one of the Trainees at TQSC.

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